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3 Books in 1 month!

Friday, September 26th, 2008

September must be The Hot Month for me artistically; not only am I creating a ton of exhibition pieces, but I am published in 3 new releases! Finally got my  Art Jewelry Today 2 comp book from Schiffer Publishing (see earlier post). Gorgeous spread of Lionize II and the glass Craft Tiara (the latter of which has been traveling around the world with the GlassWear exhibition ). The 3-page spread is too large to scan! They even printed my bio and individual artist statements.

Yesterday I got notice that my work is published in a U.K. publication titled, Adorn: New Jewellery, by Amanda Mansell, Laurence King Publishers.  Mostly European jewelers it looks like. Can’t wait to get that from ol’….

Adorn: New Jewellery

And the cherry on top goes to the long awaited The Art of Jewelry: Plastic & Resin by Debra Adelson, Lark Books which arrived at my door last night.

The Art of Jewelry: Plastic and Resin

Check this out: inside flap coverage, folks!!! inside flap to The Art of Jewelry: Plastic and Resin

This is a how-to projects book, and my project is the Riveted brooch (which moonlights as my nametag at various events). Lark books are really improving their graphic design; more sophisticated layouts and superb photography. LOVE IT!

brooch project in new Lark Book

Meet the Duchesses

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

In case you’ve never seen my first ever Cartier in LEGO, let me introduce you to The Duchess. She debuted in Florida this winter at the Florida Craftsmen show, and will come out again for the upcoming show here.

Here she is: emiko-o reinterpretation in LEGO of Cartier

Here is the original Cartier bib necklace in amethyst, gold, turquoise. Created for the Duchess of Windsor, 1947.  Necklace for Duchess of Windsor by Cartier, Paris, 1947

So now you can meet the next reiteration of Cartier, Paris, The Duchess 2. It is based on an emerald and diamond necklace by Cartier, Paris, and a matching pendant by Harry Winston, 1960. They were created for, you guessed it, the Duchess of Windsor. Here is the original: Cartier necklace and Harry Winston pendant for Duchess of Windsor

Here is my LEGO version using various sets handed down from cousin Jeanne & David. The large segment of the necklace breaks away from the rest of the necklace and can be worn as a pendant:

emiko-o\'s LEGO interpretation of Cartier necklace and Harry Winston pendant

emiko-o\'s interpretation in LEGO of Cartier & Harry Winston

Boucheron LEGO necklace coming along nicely

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

2 weeks and counting until My First Royal Jewels Jewellery Collection is to be installed at the SF Museum of Craft+Design. Amped up on adrenaline, the necklaces are really moving along. You’ve already seen a preview of Cartier Blanc, now for my Boucheron remake. Titled, Maharajah’s 6th, it is a take on the “white jewellery” craze of the 1920’s, just like the Cartier Blanc piece.

Here is the original Boucheron sketch of a necklace in diamonds and emeralds, designer for the Maharajah of Patiala, 1928.

Sketch by Boucheron of necklace for Maharajah of Patiala

Here is my necklace in the works:

emiko-o\'s LEGO interpretation of Boucheron

emiko-o\'s reinterpretation of Boucheron in LEGO

Chillin’ with Julian

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

julian\'s first campout!

Spent last weekend, chillin with Julian at our fav annual, luxury camping up in Willits, CA. Julian’s first campout, and was it hot! But boy, was he ready to strut his stuff (a little more so at the beginning of the weekend than at the end, as you can plainly see…). He’s no wall flower, this one. Outdecked most folks, plus we met so many new peeps without having to lift our behinds off the lawn. Well, mine anyway. He soaked up some rays (was a great sunshade for me by early evening!) and collected a few business cards along the way. Could have a few future art show gigs in the works…..

circuit board boxers in progress

Julian\'s briefs in progress

And look how much  work we got done! The male boxer brief is coming along nicely. A lot of planning the “fabric” structure, hence the yellow tape. Finished that leg this week and so on to the other leg tomorrow. One-of-a-gazillion projects on the table(s).

A trip to American  Apparel is in the works,  for some extra coverage undergarments (this is for a museum show, after all). Then we should be all set for the model shoot next week.

Cartier Blanc necklace in the works

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

The studio is a’blazen with LEGO EVERYWHERE, sketches, photos, not to mention circuit board projects and studies on mannequins. It’s CRAZY but glorious. Getting closer by the day to the opening of My First Royal Jewels Jewellery Collection at the SF Museum of Craft+Design. Mark your calendars for OCT 16 (not the 17th), 6-8pm.

Here is a sneak peak of the Cartier Blanc necklace in the works. The original diamonds and rubies necklace by Cartier, Paris is below it. Mine of course is used LEGO and focuses on the “white jewellery” phenomenon of the 1920’s, which Cartier was a part of.  More to come….

detail of Cartier Blanc LEGO necklace

ruby and diamond necklace by Cartier, Paris, 1922

Gallery Up carries emiko-o LEGO jewelry!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Besides these Treasury postings, Etsy is great for connecting me with fine fellow artists and as of late, Gallery Up in Rock Hill, SC! They contacted me a little bit ago and now emiko-o LEGO jewelry has some South Eastern rep! And better yet, the owner, Tamara LaValla, graduated from Syracuse U’s VPA the same year as me; small small world. Gallery Up just celebrated its one-year anniversary, and for once it’s great to have a gallery owner who is also an artist and understands our point of view, our struggle. Tamara also runs a design business with her husband called, LaValla Maddox Art + Design. So if you ever find yourself near Rock Hill, please stop in and support these guys!!!

Here are some of my pieces posted on Gallery Up’s online store:

emiko-o jewelry on

emiko-o jewelry on galleryup online store

Welcome Julian

Friday, September 5th, 2008

latest muse, julian Say hello to the newest member of the Critique Collective, Julian! I picked him up tonite from a lovely photographer up in Twin Peaks who had killer view of the city. Christine found his ad on Craig’s list and I called his mother pronto this morning! He’s the model for the latest circuit board creation (see last post), which will not be a man thong after all, but boxer briefs such as pictured here. A bit more tasteful for a family-friendly exhibition, don’t you agree? Julian convinced me. So it will be a crafting camping car ride this weekend, hopefully much progress by monday. I should take him along for the proper fitting, but everyone knows that three’s a crowd, plus where would we put his all his gear, he’s such a diva….

intro animation for The Story of StuffOn the recycling vibe, EVERYONE MUST watch this online video called, The Story of Stuff. It is a tad long (20 min) for watching on the sly at the office, but it is perfect for your lunch break. Very well done and poignant. The animations are very simple but entertaining.

Can you guess what percentage of the stuff we buy in America ends up in the trash within 6 months of purchase: A. 30%, B. 70%, C. 99%, D. 45? The answer: C. What in the world?!!!!
Here is a screen shot from the movie that lends some insight into the early makings of our consumerist society back in the 1950s; I may need to use this quote in an art piece .screen shot from The Story of Stuff

Return to Recycled Parts–Cher thong gets a partner!

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Much has developed in the last week on the upcoming exhibition space at the SF Museum of Craft + Design. I’m developing the MakeArt Gallery: Jewelry and Other Objects activity table for the back room; a simplified version of the Accessorize with Toys workshop that Shana Astrachan and I will be conducting on November 15 in that same space. So for those who can’t make that Nov 15 date, you’ll have the entire run of the exhibition to stop in and create something of your own.

Complimenting that in that space the Critique Collective will be showing a BRAND new Group Project in an exhibition co-curated by Christine Dhein and Christoph Koch called, Re-Purpose, Re-Use, Re-CREATE! We’re all super pumped up and ready to get others on the Green Train. Hopefully I will get a chance to update the crit collective website to include the press release on that. Until then, click here to grab the pdf.

parts for emiko\'s new art pieceWhat’s this: A. Abstract depiction of California in an earthquake; B. The inside of an old computer I scavenged at SCRAP; or C. Future Man-thong.
If you chose C, you are Correct! Cher thong ensemble will be showing in the above crit show, and she will have a partner in crime. Here is a sneak peak of the parts I cut up a few hours ago. Think electronic jock strap. So far the title that strikes me is “Population Control 2.0″. Definitely conceptual, but will be wearable/lifesize. Commentary on how constant laptop use on male laps is being linked to impotence, using technology to create genetically superior offspring…. medley of parts for new piece

focal parts for new project

Hip to be Square

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

The camouflage necklace hits another Etsy Treasury, today’s train is called, “Don’t Get Out of My Square“, put together by Meital Levi of toolisjewelry. Which just makes me want to channel Billy Ocean (“get outta my dreams….”). Also in the treasury is some fantastic, felted modular jewelry by 3Fun, in particular, “Manic Organic” which can be converted into a bracelet or necklace, whichever you fancy.

Manic Organic necklace/bracelet by 3Fun

Don\'t Get Out of my Square, etsy treasury