Population Control 2.0 ready for install

My circuit board boxer briefs, Population Control 2.0 are DONE and at the SF Museum of Craft+Design awaiting install! Julian is hanging out there, getting some special spa treatment with the other models–full body whitening. Before he left, we did some classic bathroom shots of the briefs.

This is the back view close up

close up of circuit board boxer briefs back

Here is the front view closeup:  front close-up of circuit board boxer briefs

Here is the text that explains the piece and will be in the show booklet:  “In Population Control 2.0, my initial idea was to recreate a belt based on a 1960s metal scalloped belt that I got from my boyfriend’s grandmother. But the circuit board pieces just screamed LAPTOPS and MALE, which led me to revisit medical studies on continual laptop use linked to male infertility. Not only is the production of computers toxic to our environment, it may also  hinder our ability to repopulate future generations.”

And in Pygmalion fashion, here it is in the flesh:

Population Control 2.0 circuit board boxer briefs

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